Tasca da Esquina: a very creative and avant-garde kitchen with solid foundations of traditionalism.
      A relaxed informal atmosphere, in Bairro Alto district, where the pleasure of sitting at the table gets a new meaning.

      The Restaurant

      It was in Campo de Ourique in 2009 that the first Esquina was born, a neighborhood labeled as golden hearted bourgeoisie, in a crossing, a meeting point, a corner (esquina).

      This typical neighborhood is defined by its culture, where “portugality” can be felt in every aspect. From the youngest to the eldest all you can find is kindness and sympathy a contagious joy and a notorious hospitality.

      All started because creativity exists and not as a singular action. Started by a fluke and grew due to experience flowing between 3 brilliant minds.

      Vitor Sobral the mentor, main character of reinventing the Portuguese gastronomy. During his multiple travels made he fell in love with the true “portugality” which is a reflection of every single endeavor.

      With him is Hugo Nascimento, with a singular creative personality, an architect of gastronomical ideas. He is the artist that gives life and color to every single element composing the dish.

      Luís Espadana is the last, but not least. The experiences lived with his grandfather, walks throw the hood and hunting seasons made him a seasoning expert, a high temperature weapons master, the pots and pans.

      Together for 17 years, between them exist a singular chemistry, a union of a happy family, that multiplies throughout the world.

      The menu

      Codfish is the main character of traditional portuguese cuisine, and you can find it in Tasca da Esquina menu.

      But here, this tipical fish is accompained in unusual combinations, just like tuna tartare or sour cream, in a perfect balance between tradiotin and innovation.

      I had lunch in Tasca da Esquina on my first day in Lisbon, and there I discover the real flavors of Portugal.

      For infos or bookin, please visit Tasca da Esquina official website.


      Io adoro provare il cibo locale quando viaggio, quindi tengo a mente questo ristorante perché grazie ai tuoi post, mi sono innamorata di Lisbona e non vedo l’ora di riuscire a visitarla!