“Somewhere over the rainbow
      Blue birds fly
      And the dreams that you dreamed of
      Dreams really do come true…”

      This is the second outfit I worn during my days at Paris Haute Couture Week.

      My outfit

      I worn a total black and white outfit with a touch of color.

      A white iconic tee, a pari of vinyl leggings and minimal accessories: this is my choice for the second day in Paris.

      The Tiffany Coat

      The touch of color of my outfit is given by my coat, a color Tiffany lapin coat that I love so much!

      I hope you’ll enjoy my new outfit, below you can find every brand I wear.

      What I wear: 

      Tee: Christian Dior
      Leggings: Primark
      Shoes: Christian Dior
      Bag: Christian Dior
      Strap: Gucci
      Hat: OVS
      Borche: Christian Dior
      Coat: Dellera (buy it here)